10 Aug 2015

Music video for Mike Cooper's "Street Beneath The Beach"

UK born, Rome based avant-garde guru Mike Cooper has just released a new record called "Fratello Mare", allegedly inspired by Folco Quilici's 1975 outstanding documentary of the same name.
You can get it (LP or digital) from the mighty Room40.

I had the privilege of making a music video for the track "Street Beneath The Beach", which was premiered on the Self-Titled website alongside an extensive interview with Cooper.

21 Jun 2015

Introducing the WEATHER DIARIES. A screening with Edo Bertoglio and Mike Cooper

The Weather Diaries are part of an ongoing video project based on the video diaries that I have been keeping through the years.
They focus on the observation of the weather as a visual metaphor of time passing, as they draw inspiration from the artwork Infinito by photographer Luigi Ghirri as well as from the original Weather Diaries by American artist George Kuchar.

After all we Italians say "tempo" (from tempus, a Latin word) to mean both weather and time.

The Weather Diaries will serve as a backdrop to Persistence, a wider project conceived in order to collect all my diaries in a single video installation.
They were shot mostly in MiniDV format between 2007 and 2013 (a body of over 100 tapes), but this project will reach to include early cell phone videos, Video8 tapes from the late 90s, and current diaries.
I am editing them in these days, they will be posted on my vimeo from time to time.

Last week Rome based independent publishers Yard Press invited me to screen my diaries at the Edo Bertoglio - New York Polaroids 1976-1989 book launch party.
I was honoured, as Edo's work had a great influence on me.
I consider his depiction of New York in the 80s one of the most moving, and I was just impressed by his 2005 film Face Addict, a standout example of autobiographical documentary.

For this very special occasion I have picked a split screen edit of a tape I shot this last April by the window of my place in Rome.

Weather Diary, 2015, MDV, color, silent, 2'15"
Shown at the Edo Bertoglio - New York Polaroids 1976-1989 book launch
Rome, Rashomon Club, June 2015

I was further excited because I finally had the chance to show some work together with one of my heroes, old master and experimental music icon Mike Cooper, who joined the party and played a stunning gig with my Weather Diary going on the background.

It was a night like no other.
Here are the last few minutes of the show, with us all getting knocked out by Cooper.

First of all thanks to my old friends for coming, it was great to see the glow on the faces I am addicted to.
Thanks to Edo Bertoglio and his lovely wife Viviana for being the best.

Thanks to Achille and Giandomenico, the founders of Yard Press.
Shout outs to Giacomo Mancini and the rest of the team for being super safe.
Love to Rome punk rock superhero Luzy L for being so cool to DJ for us.

But the last lines of this truly heartfelt entry are for Mike Cooper.
No words can express how proud I am to be friends with him, it feels like hanging out with a Jedi Master.
From Mike I have learned that any knowledge is a gift from the Dead.
Satori must be something just the same, I guess.

19 Jun 2015

EMPTY CHAIRS video tribute - Brick City Skate

Empty Chairs video tribute (Brick City Skate), 2014, HDV, bw, 10'
Music by One Eyed Cyclops, Amps For Christ
Shown at the Codalunga festival, Rome, Casa delle Armi, Dec 2014

This video was shot in September 2014 during the 7th edition of Brick City, a free skateboarding contest taking place every year in Rome at the Isola Tiberina, the only island in the Tiber river. It's quite an unusual spot, a demanding ground where skaters are forced to improvise and risk.

The video is to be considered a tribute to Rome based artist, musician and label owner Simone Tiracchia, as it was edited to his music.
To this day Simone's closest friends are the only ones who know about his talent.
However the photocopied zine he made in the mid 90s, Hubble Bubble was ahead of its time, and the self-managed label he started at a later stage stood out as a unique inspiration for the hardcore punk crowd Simone hung out with.
When some recovered straight edge fundamentalism, he turned towards abstraction and spirituality.
Significantly his label was called Empty Chairs.

In 2001 Simone released a split 7" as One Eyed Cyclops (one of his many recording projects) featuring Amps For Christ.
Sadly he passed shortly after.

All the four tracks by Simone are included in the video, as well as a short but glorious bit taken from the AFC side.
The writing is by Simone, it's printed on the sleeve of the same record.

My deepest gratitude goes to Henry Barnes - AFC for supporting this project.
Hopefully, with the help of some old friends, more from Simone might be brought to light in the future.

Thanks to Nico Vascellari for welcoming me to his Codalunga festival in Rome to screen this video along with my best friends, the former members of legendary band Concrete (now Rotadefero and Si Non Sedes Is). Shout outs to temporary curator Fabio Quaranta, musician and composer Cris X, and artist Giorgio Orbi, who shared their space with us.

Special thanks to skateboarding mentor Papik Rossi for inviting me to film the contest, giving me the chance to capture the skaters' magnificent persistence.
Praise is due to them: Bryan Diaz, Zack Dueweke, and Daniele Sessa.

17 Jun 2015

Restarting this blog

A quick intro to this new version of the blog.

I started this blog in 2009 as an mp3 blog, with great enthusiasm fot the music blogging phenomenon and its DIY ethic. As some may remember, each record posted here was juxtaposed to a series of pictures, chosen loosely from the Internet as a counterpoint to the music.

The title was taken from this comic book.

Then the blog evolved into a mostly visual diary, a private journal which ended up to be a super subjective meditation on the post global imagery we all share worldwide.
You can view this older version here.

In the last few years the diffusion of the Internet has shown how the same cultural objects can have an equal sentimental value for totally different individuals, revealing the existence of a non verbal language we all understand since we were exposed to identical cultural models.
By now our voices seem to make sense only when set to their actual environments.

From now on this blog will host my writings (English and Italiano) as well as my art projects, keeping trace of my work as it appears from time to time over the Internet.
The reclaiming of the Italian language will play a key role in my future commitment to writing, and the Italians' peculiar take on mass culture will be a recurring subject.

Everything will be stored under generic tags, in order to make the blog easy to browse.

My tumblr keeps going, as well as my youtube and my video diary project.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy.